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Interested In Ticketing With My Voice Tix?

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Once we set you up an account, you have 24 hour access to the site and you can update, add and follow ticket sells at your convenience.

For security purposes and to ensure the integrity of events on our site, we take the extra step of making sure people who use our site are legitimate and not people trying to spam our site users. In the days of hackers and spam, and people trying every way possible to get your personal information, certainly you can appreciate this special "integrity" step.

Don't be concerned about passing a test. We won't hold back access to the site to any legitimate user, and all kinds of LEGAL events are accepted.

What's more, we provide all kinds of additional marketing support and we're available with online and real person support during regular business hours. Unlike other ticketing sites, WE CARE ABOUT THE SUCCESS OF YOUR EVENT, and we'll take extra measures to market your event through our online and print channels, that's something the other sites never do.

If you want more information, or if you're ready for us to set up your account, just give us as call (316) 681-1155 or (913) 202-0900 or just complete the attached form and we'll get back to you. We'll respond within 24 hours or less on weekdays. It might take us a little longer on weekends.